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iSOLATE is the story of Scout Taylor, a young woman who returns to the family’s remote cattle station after the sudden death of her mother. As an only child and with Brian her father suffering from a progressive and debilitating illness, she commits to leaving behind her coffee shop in the city and staying on at the farm to look after him and the property. On the day of her mother’s funeral, when all the mourners have left and she and her father are alone, Brian confesses he and her mother had made a pact. He tells Scout that her mother had promised to assist him in taking his own life before his illness would render his body useless, and eventually, painfully steal his last breath. But now, with her mother’s tragic death making that impossible, he turns to Scout to help him with his desire to commit suicide.


Enraged by his admission, on this day of all days, Scout reveals that her mother had already tearfully confided the details of his plan some months earlier, a plan that she wasn’t as complicit with as he would have liked to believe. Rather than assist his suicide, Scout vows to help her father continue running the property while nursing him to a peaceful and natural death.

One morning after feeding the horses, Scout returns home to cook her father breakfast only to discover he has disappeared. At first she is not overly concerned, but as the day wears on she begins to fear that in his now fragile state he may have had an accident, or worse. Alone and cut off from all communication, she sets about doing whatever she can to find him.

As night falls, the darkness intensifies her fears, and after exhausting all possible solutions in finding him, she retreats back to the isolation of the house, where if she is ever to unravel this mystery, she must face the truth, and her gravest fear.

Genre: mystery/drama

Australia/NZ release 22nd August 2013






"Amazing." LAFFF

"Martyn Park directs a haunting film...Chilling." CinefestOZ

"iSOLATE harks back to the style of psychological horror from directors such as Polanski and Hitchcock." Filmink

Best Actress Jacinta John - LA Fear & Fantasy Film Festival


While all eyes were firmly fixed on Cannes, Jacinta John flew in and out of LA in a whirlwind trip to pick up Best Actress at the 2012 LA Fear and Fantasy Festival for the lead role in independent feature film iSOLATE, produced by Jacinta and written and directed by Martyn Park. Jacinta won her award alongside (pictured) international acting legend and Best Actor recipient, Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Terminator, Millennium).

Best Actress Jacinta John - Indie Gems Film Festival


Jacinta John wins her second Best Actress Award for her outstanding performence as Scout Taylor in the Martyn Park directed feature iSOLATE at the Indie Gems Film Festival. Here she is pictured accepting the award from Festival Director John L Simpson.


From the PRODUCER...the reality

There are numerous instances where sufferers of debilitating and terminal illnesses resort to desperate and sometimes covert actions in order to end their own lives. There were two such incidents that influenced the genesis of iSOLATE.

The first was when a family friend who had been diagnosed with cancer suddenly disappeared. After the police search had been canceled and the reports written up, the officials surmised he had decided to end his own life before it was taken from him. Not long after this happened, I watched the harrowing documentary The Suicide Tourist in which British Motor Neuron Disease sufferer Craig Ewert spends his last days traveling to Switzerland to commit legal suicide. Although in completely different circumstances and on the opposite side of the world, Ewert's actions and that of my family friend were similarly taken in the face of a hopeless, but all too common situation.

These tragic stories sparked a series of discussions I had with Martyn about the issues surrounding euthanasia. One thing we noted was that euthanasia is only brought to public attention when legal proceedings ensue; and as a result, those deciding to end their suffering often do so alone, in an attempt to spare their loved ones from being indicted after their deaths.

From the DIRECTOR...the true horror

Running in parallel to the joy and wonderment of life's transience, is suffering and horror. No one is immune as it comes packaged within the realities of existence. But never does this irony seem more poignant than at the beginning and end of our life cycle.

Although necessary, our inability to face the realities of our own mortality without the constant colouration of politics and religion, is yet another sign mankind has a long way to go in the quest for human rights and dignity.

Horror, from bloodsucking ghouls and creatures of the night to demons and monsters from the depths of our imagination, seems to disappear when the lights fade up or we put our heads under the covers. Easily fixed, easily rectified, just get mum or dad to come in and check under the bed and in the wardrobes, and if all else fails there is always the secret password or the super hero to save the day at the last minute. Is that the true horror?  I think not.